The Antarbrahmandiya Sanskriti Kendra Newsletter
Issue Four
Sri Swami Shyamananda Paramahansa Maharaj

           PART THREE

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By Swami Shyam

It is my hobby to walk along the banks of the Holy Ganga every evening. I begin from my cottage which is also located on the Ganga River. I walk, enjoying the various sights of the river and come to an extended beach. I meditate there or just keep on walking. Then I walk towards Paramarth’s ghat. It is a pleasant walk.

On one of these walks I met a Holy Man - Ganga Baba. That evening I was a bit hungry. I was busy in writing my commentary on Srimad Bhagavatam and so many new inspirations were coming so continuously that I forgot to cook my lunch. But a usual I did not want to eat my dinner since it was evening. It is prohibited for Holy Men to eat in the evenings. I wished for some sweetmeats - and that would be fine.

But I was reluctant to buy them. This is because recently Indian sweetmeat sellers have started mixing arrowroot in the fried milk. So as soon as you put a piece in the mouth, it makes the whole palate sticky and dirty. I hated this but burfi, peda, milk cake or cow’s milk preparations were a mode of peace-creating items according to ancient scriptures. I avoided the hunger.

“But Existence does not want you to suppress anything dear Swami!” I looked over as Ganga Baba looked at me. He became aware of everything and he said, “No more suppression. For yogis there is no such thing as legal or illegal. The only illegal thing is suppression. The only legality is satisfaction. So here it is.”

Saying thusly, he suddenly lifted his right hand above in the sky. He shook it in a mystical way and right in front of several people materialized a sweet perfuming warm burfi exactly as I prefer  - with less sweet.

“Take, take,” he said, demanding that I open my palms. As he gave me this, more was being produced in his palms. He kept giving them to each one of us. With pleasant surprise, we all looked at him and enjoyed the deliciousness of the item.

Everyone asked, “Where is all this coming from?”

The Story of Ganga Baba

“From the Existence, my dears,” he answered. “Everything is everywhere because this world is a perverted form of Nirvana or Bramha or Absolute Truth. As soon as we clean up the perversion, the Truth shines forth. As soon as we project a wish upon the Truth it just manifests into that,” said Ganga Baba.

“Please, you are invited to visit my cottage,” I requested of the Baba.

“I would be pleased to come, but how can I? I do not know the location,” he answered.

I gave him my card and said smilingly, “Just place your foot towards the north and the Universe will start pulling your steps in the right direction.” Then I looked at Dr. Krishna Chaitanya, Bramhachari Subhash and Yogesh and asked if anyone of them had time tomorrow. Enthusiastically they all said that they would come.

The next day they all came together. We sat on chairs in the yard of my cottage overlooking the crystal clean flow of the Holy Ganga. Hills and dales extended far and wide.

During our conversation innumerable mysteries were revealed. Ganga Baba materialized more items from space just by waving his bare hands in the air. He distributed the objects among us as gifts. We talked at length on various topics.

Baba was born on July 19, 1950 in Chandanpur six miles away from the famous holy place, Jagannath Puri, located on the eastern sea beach in Orisa. He was a member of a family which have been priests for the last seven generations.

Since age five he has foretold the future and past of anyone who came near him. Due to protest by his family, he stopped doing this at age twelve. At age sixteen, he meditated for two months and realized Divine Mother in her Maa Pulakaii form. While living with another Holy Man he had a thrilling encounterment with Lord Jagannath.

At age twenty he came to Delhi and stayed there until 1984. Then he returned to Jagannath Puri. In October 2000, he made another trip to the north where he is staying in Rishikesh, in a small room on the bank of the Holy Ganga.

Ganga Baba has dozens of supernatural powers which he expressed desire to share with me generously. He visits my cottage often. He is sending his blessing to all readers of our Newsletters. Om Sri Jagannatha Ki Jai!

"The Power of the Yantra"
by Sri Swami Shyamananda Maharaj

Sri Yantra is also know as Sri Vidya and is a design drawn on paper or etched into metals of various kinds. A yantra is the geometrical form of mantras which themselves are none other than the seed sound-forms of the Celestial Superpowers of nature and the cosmos.

There are ten formations of the Superpowers of cosmic existence. They are known as Mahavidyas. They are: Kali, Tara, Prachand Chandrika, Dhamavati, Bhairavi, Bhuvanesvari, Pitambara, Matangi, Kamala and Tripur Sundari (which is also called Sodasi or Lalitamba.)

Any student of geometry or art can easily make Sri Yantra on paper. It can be made only for decoration. To make it powerful it has to be made according to the procedure and necessary worship has to be done. Then the Yantra shines, illuminates and dazzles everyone with Divine Light and inside it is the beautiful youthful Goddess, Tripur Sundari.


Sri Yantra should be drawn with the ink of astagandha which includes white sandal paste, red sandal paste, gorochan, camphor, saffron, musk, grape, certain items from the elephant. The yantra should be drawn with a gold or silver pen in order to attract auspicious works. With another kind of pen for attraction, with a khas pen for command and with a wood stick for stillness. For all other purposes using a jasmine wood stick pen is appropriate.

Sri Yantra can be done on gold, silver, copper or bhojapatra (the thick bark of a tree in the Himalayas.)

After due performance of sadhana Sri Yantra remains no more an artwork or symbol - it becomes the living home of Tripur Sundari and has consciousness, power and grace. It will enthrall one's living atmosphere with the fulfillment of desires. Every visitor to your home will feel charged and thrilled with its presence.


There are four kinds of Sri Yantra:
Bhuprstha Sri Yantra - This can be made on any flat plate of gold, silver, copper, earth, etc. by raising the lettering above the plate instead of etching into the plate.

Kurmaprsthiy Sri Yantra - This version of Sri Yantra is square at the bottom on top of a tortoise. It rises up like a pyramid. On the top there is a hill peak.

Padma Prsthiy Sri Yantra - All the squares, triangles, lines, mantras and lettering are raised.

Meru Prsthiy Sri Yantra - This form of Sri Yantra looks like Mount Meru with a peak on the top. Below that it is wider, as you ascend it becomes narrower and narrower until you reach the top.

Besides these kinds of Sri Yantra, there are others. Please see 9 Variations On Sri Yantra for more graphic designs of Sri Yantra and explanations of the Nine Mandalas.

The wearing of Shri Yantra also has significances according to whether you wear it on a chain, leaf-like, swastik-like or draw it on bhoj patea.


1) Yantra on the Body: This human body is very special, only because the Yantras inside of it have become refined and clear. The human body has seven yantras called plexus - such as the coxygeal plexus, dorsal, etc. They are as important as chips in a computer. Each body Yantra has different mantras. When you do their dharna through the system of amnaya you attain various supernatural results.

2) Yantra in Decoration: Drawing a Yantra on the bark of a bhoja tree after energizing it through appropriate mantras, you wear it on your neck or right biscep.

3) Foundational Yantra: If your meditation or any kind of spiritual practice is not getting better, if the ball of your spiritual progress is not rolling along to your own satisfaction, then one makes a special Yantra and places it under your seat. Then you sit and watch the wonder begin. The same way, one can create a Yantra to put into the foundation of your home, factory, temple or yard. Then, when the building is erected, you will be equipped with special prosperity and growth. You will never have to battle with financial problems every again unless some offense is done to a unique wise man.

4) Phalanx Yantra: Nine brahmins are positioned in such a way so as to look like a phalanx with you sitting at the center. They sit in all eight directions doing japa with special mantras while you chant istamantra in the center. This way your practice becomes immensely powerful.

5) Worship Yantra: This is constructed in a colorful and picturesque way. Numbers are put in the places of various dieties.

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