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Rudraksha beads are the seeds of the Rudraksha tree. They are used for the mantra “Aum Namah Shivaya” by Saivite initiate Swaamis and disciples. Chanting is done with the second finger and thumb of the right hand. The left hand is reserved for cleaning so it does not touch the beads. One should wash, preferably shower and wear clean clothes, not touching one’s mouth or feet before beginning chanting.

Nor should one touch one’s mouth or feet (not with the beads either) when one is chanting. Burning incense and facing a picture of Shiva is a good situation in which to chant. Oh, and please remove your shoes, oriental-style!

Keep your beads inside a new washed cotton or silk pouch - away from the floor, even placing them on an altar space in front of the picture of Shiva. Use vegetable soaps for washing.

Further instructions on chanting with Rudrakshas and the different suggestions on how to keep the beads pure can be found on the Internet.

A vegetarian diet is also recommended at least on the day when one chants, the day before and day after if one can manage it.

Cheese has rennet in it (enzymes from the cow’s stomach lining) and is therefore not entirely vegetarian, eggs are also not strictly veggie. Milk, cream, commercial yogurts without sugar or gelatin (even kosher gelatin is made from animal cartilage) and saltless butter are fine. Sugar should also be avoided if possible. Some sliced breads contain either sugar (corn syrup) or lard. Although fructose is usally biogenetically grown, it is not so far as destructive as refined sugar; high fructose corn syrup is about the same as corn syrup and turbinado sugar is not refined and still contains molasses in it & is used widely in India as a more traditional sugar.

Most Hindus are vegetarian and it is higly suggested that one do one’s best to try a little fast like the one above before, during and slightly after chanting. It is good for you anyway, and cleanses the body nicely. It really helps keep colds away even in the months to come!

The story is that Lord Shiva’s overflowing compassion for the people of the world became tears and fell on the Earth turning into Rudrakshas.


-  For health, curative & preventive purposes, wear a 140 bead rudraksha necklace.

-  For financial development, wear a 32 bead necklace.

-  For attaining religious and moral goals, wear a 108 bead necklace.

-  For Enlightenment, wear a 100 bead necklace.


The following method heals coughing: Soak a ten-faced rudraksha with milk and lick it.

For healing psychosomatic disorders: Boil a 14 faced rudraksha in milk. Milk gets energized. Drink it for 20 days, 3 times daily.

The rudraksha is a miraculous boon for those who are suffering from diseases like hysteria, high blood pressure & fainting. For this problem, it should be applied with cream from milk.



All medicines, especially herbal ones, can cause the body to readjust itself after a while and especially any herbs with antibiotic properties cause the body to become immune to their beneficial effects. If you have some disease such as cancer, one might notice after taking any herb for about 2 months, the herb does not work as well anymore and one suffers relapses.

Therefore, it is a really good idea to have a list of similar herbs to switch back and forth to after about one month or so ... so that this does not happen. Garlic is a powerful antibiotic, Goldenseal leaf and root are also, among a list of many. Prolonged use can diminish the effect of any herb, though, as stated above. So switching to, say, Chapparal or something else for a while is a good idea.

For those who are suffering from rheumatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, cervical spondylitis, lumbago, bronchitis, etc. garlic is a surefire cure.

Although orthodox Hindus, brahmins & Vaisnavas do not usually eat garlic, it can be recommended in certain medical conditions and not used simply as a condiment.

There are three kinds of human bodies: fire based, water based & air based.

This process is not for fire based bodies and also not for weak, sick or asthmatic people.

For water type people, it must be done in the spring season. For air type people it must be done in the rain or winter season.

An optimistic, positive-thinking person should be appointed to collect garlic from the field in a cotton bag. Use the clove (part that the garlic plant sprouts from) of garlic after energizing it through the smoke of aguru. This ought to have been done in the summer.

Remove the skin, cut the garlic into pieces and put it in a pot full of pure ghee (clarified, unsalted butter) for ten days.

Then before brushing your teeth, on an empty stomach and with a peaceful mind with the Sama Veda mantras being chanted around one, eat these seasoned garlics with alternative sips of warm water. The daily quality of garlic consumed for this cure is from 40, 60, 100 to 200 grams.

After each garlic consumption drink some ghee.

If you get a burning sensation or feel like you need to vomit, etc. - take a cold bath. If you get any kind of pain, then a warm fomentation is prescribed. Wearing a pearl necklace, a jasmine flower garland and camphor are suggested.

One can supplement this treatment by also drinking such drinks a Draksasava, Asokarista, Asva Gandharista mixed, alternately, with drinks of water. Sniff cloves, camphor and nuts.

Do not sleep in the day. Do not have sex for four months. Before sleeping at night, take boiled ginger water. To order these herbal drinks see:

A photo of Sadhus wearing rudrakshas, taken 100 years ago...

Swami Shyamananda giving a taped lecture in Mathura, India (Birthplace of Lord Sri Krishna) on Krishna’s Birthday...

Swami Shyamananda Paramahansa is a Shaivite Swami (Shaivite is a word for “Shiva”) wearing crystal chanting beads. For more info on the various styles and uses of different materials used in chanting beads ... write to Swamiji at:

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