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Swami Sovereign Sky’s (Shyamananda/Shyamendra's) Herbal Therapy Natural Foods Recipies have all the ingredients to heal and nourish the body. They work on your body and empower you according to your age, place, person, pulse, condition, climate and atmosphere.

During high blood pressure:

Make whole wheat bread mixed with grams, carrots, moong beans, spinach, pumpkin, and brinjals.

Soups should include: moong, lentil, whey, kidney beans.

Fruits should include: papayas, oranges, seasonal apples -- and, before 10 am or 2 hours after lunch, watermelons.

Drink Aniseed extract twice a day. The yogurt made of bramhin cow’s milk is advised. Drink bramhin cow’s milk through your nose. It helps.


1. Observe Punctuality in lunch and dinner.

2. Do not eat in hurry. Chew your food and eat gently and slowly.

3. Fill your stomach with 2 quarters of food, one quarter juice, water, milk and leave one quarter for air and relax after meals.

4. Avoid tea, coffee and dry fruits -- also avoid stale or refrigerated foods.

5. Avoid talking and thinking a lot.

6. Go to the bathroom on time.

7. No late night parties.

8. Just relax and listen to Swamiji’s discourses on God's Ambrosial Embrace series from the beginning. It has healing potency. Burn incense. Lie down or sit easily and relax in a listening position. Please see Swamiji’s book on ‘Holy Cow’ for details. Mental, physical and environmental problems can be solved by Yoga. In this article we are offering you ways to heal yourself & your blood pressure through Yoga therapy. It is a serious disease so practice it on a regular basis. It is a 2 month course.


Hatha Yoga for High Blood Pressure:

For the first two months' course -

1. Start with massaging your body daily with sesame oil then do shavasana for 5-10 minutes, then shower. Put on your yoga dress and go to your yoga room. Your yoga room should be open and clean with fresh air.

2. Be seated in vrajasana on the carpet, legs bent back. Toes touching one another and heels apart. Buttocks resting between the heels. Spine, waist and neck straight. Fingers together. Eyes straight and breathe normally.

3. Now breathe deeply and rhythmically for 3 minutes.

4. Listen Swamiji’s discourse from the beginning. Discourses are available at cost on CD or by emailing us as a special request on audio tape for $3.50 (which includes shipping in the USA & Canada) at

5. Remain in a relaxed state and try to visualize the pictures in your mind by listening to the tapes [also available for free on Live365 Internet Radio (type "Shyamananda" in the Search blank and press Go. Click on the gold megaphone icon which will set up the Live 365 Player a small download that dumps with your cookies).] Do it for 2 months religiously. Your diastolic condition will slow down.

For third and fourth month course -

1. Do yoga - sukhasana, padmasana, vajrasana, each 5 minutes.

2. Then do pranayama, inhale pause and exhale with counts 3,6,9.

3. Do bhramari pranayam responding the primordial word AUM like a honeybee.

4. Listen to Swamiji’s discourses leading into the magical universe of Bhagvatam. You will find great Improvement.

For the Fifth and Sixth month course -

1. Do pavanmukta-asana, salabhasan, trikonasana.

2. Do sirsana, sarvangasana, dhanursana and shavasana.

3. Do anulom vilom pranayam.

4. Do the listening meditation.

Breakfast Tips: Nibble 5 small pieces of raw garlic with a cup of milk. Include fried or boiled onion with honey and drink bramhin cow’s milk buttermilk every now and then. Swamiji will guide you to do each of these poses accurately in his own melodious voice in his upcoming videotape showing Swami Shyamendra (Shyamananda) doing each pose and guiding you step by step. Learn quickly and easily by watching an Enlightened Spiritual Master from India.

Those who have low pressure, please write to the center. We will mail you as soon as possible. As hunger is satisfied by multiple varieties of food items, God is realized by different paths. In the same way, physical and psychological diseases can also be cured by dozens of therapies as Swami Shyam has outlined in his book ‘Everybody’s Guide to Human Common Sense’. We reward you with Swami Shyam’s countless gifts.

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